Sunday, November 15, 2009

There's a 1st time for everything!

We went up north for the weekend and there is so many more fun things to do up there! First of all it snowed and Miles has seen snow before..but that was like a yr ago and he just looked at it through the window as it melted. So I call this his first official snow. Well you can tell by the pics he isn't too fond of it. He kept pointing and saying "cold"!
We stopped by our cousins who has this fun lil nook under her stairs for the grand babies. Miles thought it was pretty cool having a place just his size.
Miles first "Merry Go Round". We don't have one of these in SGU...I know lame huh! He loved watching the other kids on it then when it was his turn he sorta freaked out. He was a lil scared at first but then by the end of it I thought he was gonna fall asleep it was so relaxing.

Miles first ice cream cone of his own! He thought it was pretty cool to have a cone just for him.


Rob said...

Haha! I love it!

Snow: I don't know about this.

Merry-go-round: Get me off of this!

Ice-cream cone: Yay! I know ice-cream

barbmartin said...

You really captured his feelings/thoughts on all these experiences really well. I love it!

brooks said...

of course he hates snow! why do you think we live in st. george

Cari said...

The best idea ever is at Artic Circle. You can ask for a complimentary cone, its tiny and just perfect for a one year old!

Willis Party of 6 said...

I feel like I've seen these pictures before?!?

Zach and Katie Kelly said...

Come on over anytime. Lochlan would love the playtime with Miles

Matt said...

Such great pics. He's so funny with the snow. I haven't seen that old man face in a while.

Hey, we'll see you guys in about a week! Then, we'll have Miles in 3-D. Yay!

Lindsay said...

oh my gosh. i WANT one of those ovens so bad. i want to get the whole set.. wooden groceries and all!!! i've been salivating over them for some time now...and you just made me want one even more. great.