Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cousin Time!

We get to spend the whole week with family out East and this weekend Miles got to meet his new baby cousin "Piper" and then get to play with cousin Addy!
He is so sweet with Piper and gives her sweet kisses.
He adores cousin addy and loves to copy everything she does...she loves doing stuff for him to copy too!
Addy loves her baby sister and I think she sometimes forgets she has a baby sister b/c she always asks "who's that?" but then remembers oh its piper!


TannHart said...

Um...I want to hold an adorable baby girl like that. Lucky.

Lindsay said...

aww... i love those little people.

The Toland's said...

so fun to see the babies all together! :( I am sad I couldn't be there!