Saturday, June 21, 2014

Circus Circus

We took the kids to their first Circus...pretty ghetto circus but kids still loved it. 
Graham is seriously such a cuddle muffin. I'm pretty sure it's all my fault that he only wants to be held all the time!
and yeah...these three!

Stuff I've done

 Since having the baby I've been in creative mode. Also with summer comes projects. I finally got my computer working so here is an overload of what I've been doing the last couple months. 
First was Lucy & Walts room painting the walls.
I've had this doll house for awhile and it was a yucky brown color so I painted it white and added some fabric floral wall paper. 
I found a cool tutorial where you use cornstarch and water to apply the really worked and you can also take it off if you wanted to change it out. 
I made this cake topper for a friend's lil girl that was getting baptized. 
Miles lost his first tooth and got a gold $1 from the tooth fairy in this lil tooths bum. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Kindergarten CHECK!

Miles graduated from Kindergarten today!
His school is a Chinese dual immersion school so they were taught this song and it was my fav. b/c of the fun dancing. Miles got into this song the helps that the lil girl in the pink with curls he says is his girlfriend. He came home with a phone number that she gave him one day. 

And some lil Graham for kicks!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It's Baby Time!

Baby Graham Howard Martin
6lbs 7oz 20 inches long.
Here I am doing the midwife, natural, home birth thing. Had 3 kids in a hospital with epidural so this 4th (and last one) I was going to go big or go home! Seriously an awesome experience. I went into it as if I had never had babies before because I never felt what a real contraction felt like and or knew what my body would do on it's own. I expected intense pain and did my research but nothing will compare to experiencing it. 
I went into the birthing sweet(suite) Monday morning around 3 am with what I thought was "real" contraction. They hurt a little probably pain scale of 4(which I had not gotten to before) they were 5 mins apart as well so I thought ok things are getting started. Well nothing really happened...I was dilated to a 4 and they never really progressed from there so we all slept from 5am to 7am then those contractions went up a notch to a pain level of 6. 
I started to dilate and progress on my own by noon that's when those contractions went from "that wasn't so bad can still walk through it" to "everyone shut up, let me breath, massage my back" every 30 seconds. 
That was it's 2ish and this is the part where I start to second guess what my body is telling me. I'm used to nurses and dr.'s telling me "wake up baby is crowning let's start to push" I have to listen to my body and do it myself. At this point I kept asking should I push what do I do as I'm trying to make it through these really hard contractions. My midwife and her assistant are funny because their response was pretty much on point and they kept saying "I don't know does it feel like you need to..." they were very tricky but I knew exactly what they were trying to do. 
I had not had my water break yet so that's another thing that I was confused by because I kept thinking my water has to break before the baby comes RIGHT? My midwife and doula kept saying no forget that your water does not have to break. So once I wrapped my brain around that I got to the point where I said screw this I'm pushing what's the harm, but these contractions are hurting and I feel like pushing will help either get through the pain or get this freaking baby out of me. Well I guess my instincts were right because he was crowning.
The only way I can describe what I felt at this point was (sorry for the graphic detail) feeling like I was taking the biggest most intense dump of my life. I didn't even feel like I was giving birth to a baby but rather going poo instead. He came in 4 pushes...probably the most intense painful minute of my life. The relief when he came out was amazing and overwhelming. I was always told giving birth naturally is an inner body experience rather then an outer body and that's so true.
It was so amazing to have Rob be so involved. I went into it wanting him to deliver, but in that moment I would not let go of him with my death grip while doing (what he says) my battle cry(scream). Although when the baby came out he caught him and handed him to me. He was so in loved it and to be so close to that moment. 

While baby was crowning everyone kept saying "he's a redhead" which if you know me I have been waiting for my red head baby to come so that was another motivation to get home out fast so I can see my sweet lil redhead. 
Then there's the calm after the storm with the amazing relief of no pain and a new human being that's mine in my's the best.
My midwife Cyndi is amazing. I love how medically legit she is...I really felt secure with her as if I was in the hospital. She gave me and the baby the same medical attention the hospital would of gave me with out all the horrible stuff I don't IV's, baby heart monitor restricting me from leaving the bed. The freedom and comfort of being in a quiet place, taking a shower, moving around anyway to make the process better.
I can't even imagine how uncomfortable I would of been in the hospital doing this naturally. It was so amazing to have my husband there, my sister and one of my best friends April(midwifes assistant) to help me through the journey. 
These two woman are amazing...although April probably picked the worst shirt to wear because I will never look at Shredder from ninja turtles the same way...she was in my vision while holding my knees during my hardest contractions and all I could focus on was Shredder while I felt like my insides were being shredded. I still love her and so happy she could be apart of this amazing day.
Rob cuddling up with sweet baby Graham in the murder scene!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ninja Time

Miles turned 6! Of course he had to have Batman in there somewhere but he is really into ninjas too and there obviously is no better ninja them Batman himself!
He got this ninja costume for his bday and thought he was pretty cool. We colored ninja stars, popped balloon game and ate pizza. 
Then a real ninja came to teach them karate. He rocked, the boys loved it! Minus one lil guy........
Yep this lil guy....before the party he said his ear hurt and half way through he couldn't bare it any longer and it hurt him too much to participate. I felt bad b/c I know he wanted to do the karate with his friends. 
He loved all his gifts and has the coolest friends....even though he didn't feel good he still thinks it was the best party ever. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Miles soccer

Miles had his first soccer game! He wasn't feeling good but was a good sport and gave it his all. He really loves it and he really loves being one of the boys.
They smoked the other team...there is one kid on his team that scored all the points because he is amazing!
Miles cheerleaders....of course Lucy picks the dirt to sit in rather then the grass. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Baby things I've made

For my soon be 1st niece on my husbands side. I can't even express how excited I am for my children to finally have a Martin cousin. I'm in extreme nesting phase and have been crazy in the sewing room.
Soft jersey swaddle blankets
Hair accessories