Sunday, November 1, 2009

do da!

For Aunt Stephy(Buty) b/c she always complains we can never capture his real sweet smile!
Pre bedtime fun! You can't hear him very well but he likes to help daddy count to three before he throws him! Do you like the pic in the bottom left corner where he is in mid cough!



The Toland's said...

Yeah i love his no teeth smile the best...when he does it! He is such a bug I miss him :(

The Rawlins Fam said...

I love those mid air shots. Those are so sucker!


Mr. Dean R. Kelly said...

Hope St. George's Social Services Child Protection Services Division doesn't browse through your blog...looks a tiny bit like child abuse to some people. I think it is a riot.

Matt said...

Great pics and videos! My favorite is the one of Miles with his mouth open and Rob with this look of pride and joy. You should get some pics of Miles doing like a swan dive onto the bed or an elbow drop. :)

By the way, I called Child Protection Services to report but they denied my claim because it appears that Miles is enjoying the tossing.

Alex said...

Haha! The bottom left pic is the BEST! From far away it looks like Miles is shocked to be flying through the air and the look on Rob's face is classic! Haha! Finally a real smile! He is always cheezin it for the camera.

David said...

Hahaha I LOVE IT!