Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat~

Halloween this year exceeded all my expectations. It is my favorite holiday, so for it to go as smoothly as I had hoped I was very happy. I only imagined the worse with miles...that he would want to eat all his candy in one sitting, he would try to take off his costume seeing how he had to wear it on 3 different occasions and that he would fuss the whole time? Non of that happened..he was truly a Halloween angel! Not only was he sooo well behaved and seemed to really enjoy being around all the other kids and candy, he was the ONLY gnome this year. Everywhere we went all I kept hearing was oh he is the first gnome I have ever seen and how adorable he is. I'm all about original and cute costumes so I was a very happy Halloweener!

Ok so maybe one thing was the lack of pictures I took of trick or treating. We went with some of our good friends and this is the only pic I got..or remembered to take. Lil Luigi(Paul) wouldn't sit still for a pictures so we just have Miss Sparkle Fairy(Leah)!

sMiles wants to thank cousin Adalei for the handmade Halloween card! He honestly freaked out when he saw it...he got his big eye, big grin, and shakes his fist with excitement. Also he wants to thank Grammy Martin for the card and Halloween book she sent...he really loves it...he likes pointing to the bat! And lastly he wants to thank Noni Kelly for making his costume and trick or treat bag....which made this Halloween all possible!
I tried to pull out the video of him getting excited but it was too late..he does love looking at it all the time though!


Rob said...

LOL. Oh my gosh, that picture of him smiling. Could a kid smile any bigger than that? It's to the point of being scary.

Aymee said...

You are so welcome sweet little Gnomely! Goodness, I can't get over how absolutely adorable that little man is!! I want t see him so very much!!! I can't stand it. I can't wait for you guy to come out for Thanksgiving. So thrilled he loves his card so much!! Adalei worked really hard on his and thought about where to put every sticker. Glad to hear Halloween was a success...from here on out it just gets better, I think it's great!

The Toland's said...

My Happy Halloween Addy card was better! HA