Saturday, June 21, 2014

Stuff I've done

 Since having the baby I've been in creative mode. Also with summer comes projects. I finally got my computer working so here is an overload of what I've been doing the last couple months. 
First was Lucy & Walts room painting the walls.
I've had this doll house for awhile and it was a yucky brown color so I painted it white and added some fabric floral wall paper. 
I found a cool tutorial where you use cornstarch and water to apply the really worked and you can also take it off if you wanted to change it out. 
I made this cake topper for a friend's lil girl that was getting baptized. 
Miles lost his first tooth and got a gold $1 from the tooth fairy in this lil tooths bum. 

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Stephanie Kelly said...

I love it all!!! I love the fabrics you have for the doll house walls... I really need to go get some good fabrics while Im down there. We have nothing here. That cake topper is so sweet... if more people saw those more people would be paying you up the butt for those.