Saturday, June 21, 2014

Circus Circus

We took the kids to their first Circus...pretty ghetto circus but kids still loved it. 
Graham is seriously such a cuddle muffin. I'm pretty sure it's all my fault that he only wants to be held all the time!
and yeah...these three!


Barbara said...

Great pics, Staci! Cuddle Graham all you want cause those days will be over soon enough! Lucy is such a beauty! Walt is growing and changing. He is such a sweetheart! And Miles is the little man! Love these four!

Stephanie Kelly said...

ha that circus does look ghetto... but I bet it was just as fun. Looks like Walt was way into it. p.s. I love how Lucy is missing a shoe in the group pic.
ahhhh I love that candy Graham!!! I cant wait to get my cuddles on with him in a couple weeks.