Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Things I've Made~

At the beginning of the year I did a challenge on my FB where I posted on my status the first 5 people to comment will get a handmade gift from ME sometime this year. This month I used the opportunity to follow through with that. 
First lucky(or unlucky?) person to get a handmade gift was my sweet cousin Brooke. It was her wedding the past weekend and I made her this framed french knot embroidered "Sweet Heart Tree" song lyrics printed with ink jet printer onto fabric. Our grandpa use to sing this song to us when we were little so it holds lots of memories.
Next I created this wedding cake topper. I've seen a couple different versions online of the personalized wooden bride and groom, but put my own twist on it. This was so much fun to make and a lot easier then I thought. I was happy it was spot on to what they wore and their colors...most beautiful couple you'll ever see. 
The other awesome person I got to make something for was my friend Jon. Okay so the thing I love about Jon is all his instagram photos he takes of his cat.... so for his birthday he got a mini pillow of his cat Jamie. I took one of his instagram photos of her, photo-shopped it black and white then printed it with a ink jet printer onto fabric. Lastly I used fabric paint to add color to her eyes, nose and painted stripes on the back. A lot of guys would think this is the stupidest gift, but Jon is awesome and loved it. 


Motel Davis said...

Seriously though, he stole the cat back from our child and slept with it last night so he would remember to take it to work. He LOVEs it!

Mica said...

Omg, that cat! You're so stinkin' creative, Staci! I'm not jealous at all... :)

Hannah said...

What sane guy would think that was stupid? The black and white with tiny traces of color are just gorgeous. I love that the cat looks realistic but also appropriately huggable.

Do you know Kollabora, the online crafting community? I'd love to see some of your work over there. Maybe you'd inspire some of the others to make cushions that aren't square for a change!