Saturday, October 27, 2012

Trunk it up!

 Tonight was our trunk or treat and it was a lot of fun as usual. 
Miles was Mr.Freeze he was pretty excited about being such a cool bad guy. 
Our Ghostbuster characters Louis (aka the key masters) and the sweet Stay Puft Marshmellow man. 
For my trunk I set up a photo booth so all the kids got a picture in this frame with a backdrop and of course candy. They all seemed to love it. This was the best shot I could get of all my kids in the frame.
Lil Raggedy Lu!
Lucy won 1st place for best costumes for kids nursery and under. She was pretty happy about it. 
Miles on the other hand was very disappointed he didn't win ...esp after seeing Lu win. I think he had the best HANDMADE costume personally. You win in my book lil man. 


Stephanie Kelly said...

YAYYAYA Lucy, good job on the big win.
Its ok Miles I think your costume is the best in THE WORLD (better then lucy's...shhh dont tell her). You make sure to tell Miles that Robin thinks his costume is the coolest too.
I want to eat that sweet lil' stay puffed Mallow man.... I LOVE HIM!

Barbara said...

You ALL look absolutely awesome!! I always look forward to this time of year and your creativity, Staci. Great pics of the grandkids. So, so clever!!!!!! Their smiles, pouts, and joyful looks are all so precious.

Motel Davis said...

Did you get a new camera? The pictures are darling ;) And so fun!

Staci said...

No april my camera is acting weird so Kim D was amazing to let me barrow her cam for the evening.

Stephanie Kelly said...

Ok Miles looks so beautiful in that last picture. I loveeee him!

Aymee said...

Awesome! Lucy looks adorable! Miles is Fantastic! And baby Walt is darling:) You did a really good job. And I love the idea of a photo booth, so cute! I think it's funny that you do it while it's light out still. We do it IN THE DARK, whahhhhhahahahahhh! Scary:)

Staci said...

well by the time the trick or treating starts it gets pretty dark...we do the chili cook off and costume contest while it's still light.