Wednesday, October 31, 2012


 We tricked it and we treated it up tonight. The kids just love Halloween. They ran from house to house and filled their buckets and crashed pretty hard when they got home. 
Walt went as his Pappa (aka The Brooks Kelly). He always says how much Walt looks like him and I must say with the handle bar stash, ray bands and Home Depot apron...I see it. 
Our pumpkins! I forgot to get a day light pic of them, but Miles was very excited to pick out a vainy green pumpkin he called a Hulk pumpkin so that's what we carved. I just carved my pumpkin really thin and covered in a doily. Lucy picked out a nasty warty pumpkin that isn't pictured here. 


Stephanie Kelly said...

HAHAHAHA I LOVE THE BABY BROOKS. Best costume in of all time. The Hulk pumpkin looks awesome Miles. And I want to see my Lucy Lus warty pumpkin.

Barbara said...

Staci, you do such an awesome job making Halloween so memorable for your kids. I love their costumes, they fit their personalities so well. Your dad must have been so proud of little Walt. I cannot believe how much they look alike. You will treasure those pictures for years to come. We love our sweet, sweet grandbabies!!!