Friday, September 7, 2012

Thrifty Design Finds

I've found a lot of fun things in the last month to spruce up my living room. I get bored and have to change things up. I'm starting to run out of room on the limited wall space I have. All my decor has to go onto walls with having small children I can't do a whole lot. Sometimes I look at my living room and think dang it looks like someone puked color and different patterns everywhere...and you wanna know what I think about that...fabulous! Can't be bored if there is too much to look at right?! I'm probably breaking every design rule in the book but oh well I say if I can't have anything nice b/c of children I might as well have fun. 
$1 fabric from walmart....our walmart has the best selection of silky patterned fabrics. I can't wait to make fall scarfs with the meantime I swapped out my old curtains for this lovely stuff. such thing as too many patterns in my house. 
$3 Hanging Lamp shade....isn't this so sweet...I have been looking for a hanging light since my last one broke for awhile and it was love at first sight with this shade. My dark living room will be a lil brighter now. 
My new $1 thrift gold frames with my recent family photos! This .50 cents mini cuckoo clock to go with my other one. A pretty $2 golden metal framed mirror and this fabulous $1 handmade cross stitch. 
I was forced to get a new area rug due to some hot pink fabric Rit dye and carpet..yikes. This wasn't a thrift but I sorta dig the pattern....b/c really who doesn't love matching polka dots, floral, and damask in one room? Oh and my country skirt I pretty much wear everyday b/c it's awesome!


Laura said...

You're so good at this stuff Staci! Show me the way!

Mike and Marisa Compton said...
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Mike and Marisa Compton said...

Hi! I've been looking all over the internet for a template to make a hulk muscle shirt. I was browsing the web and saw the post you did in August. Would you mind taking some more pictures of the shirt? I'd love to see if I could make one like it. If it's not to much please either email me or just make a post on your blog. Thanks so much!

(just had to delete my address. Thanks for the email!)

Barbara said...

Great finds!! Love the curtains. Those are my favs.