Sunday, September 2, 2012

Labor Lake Day

The Pasties went to the lake... every yr we do our annual once in a blue moon(literally) lake trip it and it always turns out to be an overcast day. Which don't get me wrong I LOVE! Well that didn't stop us from getting burned. 
The kids LOVED's like a new thing every yr we do it...we are so lame I know. Check out that skinny boy in those skin tight it!
We made a family sand/rock fortress. The kids helped a lot collecting the rocks and if you look close you can see Lucy's dead fish touch..she kept playing with them...gross Lu! 
I promise she isn't mentally challenged. Nice Lu...nice.
Lil Walt's first time at the Lake...soaking up some Vit. D. He loved it...mouth full of sand and all. 


Caty said...
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Caty said...

LOVE this post! Some of the best photos ever. It looks like you guys had a rockin' day. And I especially like the footprints shot. Your family is adorable.

Laura said...

I love the one with Walt holding your face!