Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Lu Post

Little Lu who! I fell in love with these sweet lil overalls at the thrift store. I could not resist and they are so darn cute on lil Lu too! 
This little stinker is so funny. She defiantly has all the personality out of all my kids. She loves everything...if I had to pick something she didn't like it would be hard. She loves things that most kids hate too like eating and sleeping. She is the biggest stinker, saying no to mama all the time and bossing Miles around too. She loves to push buttons..she knows exactly what will make myself and Miles tick. I guess it's her right as the only sister ....and middle child. Yikes I may have to have another one sooner then I thought to break this up. Either way I love her positive, happiness, and pure joy she adds to our family.

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Stephanie Kelly said...

ME to! I love you Lil' Lu and if your moma would let me steal you forever I would. Maybe one day you can have an Aunt Stephy and Unkie Robin sleep over.