Friday, February 24, 2012


Yesterday these two lil hooligans drove me up the wall. Miles room is always messy....I clean it and literally 2 minutes later it's a mess again. I give up and while Miles was in time out for who knows what he came running out of his room so excited and said "mom close your eyes" then I go to his room and "SURPRISE" he was so excited to show me that he had cleaned his room...all by himself. As you can see in the pictures below his version of a clean room. I must say I was a little impressed he had cleared his floor b/c literally before this you couldn't see his floor. I loved how he just crammed everything in various corners.
This is his room cleaned mommies way!


Stephanie Kelly said...

ohhhh my sweet boy. Good for him. I love these pictures of these two stinker.

Chris said...

Way to go Miles!

Andaira said...
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