Sunday, March 7, 2010


Our sweet lil LuLu is 2 months old's a big day for her because she got her blessing too. Daddy did such a good job, we are so grateful for him and all that he does for us. Lucy is a blessing in our lives!

She got to wear my blessing dress that I was blessed in and then my mom and sister made her the sweet bonnet.
Lucy loves Aunt Stephy
I can't believe Lucy is 2 months, time goes by fast. I really feel like she has been in our lives forever. She is doing so well with life. She has made life with two children easy since she breast feeds so well, sleeps through the night, hardly cries, defiantly more smiles then frowns. We get to go to her 2 month check up tomorrow so I'll fill you in on how that goes too. We can't love this lil girl enough!!!


Amber said...

What a sweet blessing:) She is adorable! That is so sweet that she wore your blessing outfit. The bonnet is too cute!

Matt said...

Great post! I love my sweet little niece. Wish I could have been there for the blessing. Hopefully we'll all end up back west someday. :) BTW, you guys all look so healthy and happy. And I love that Lulu smiles a lot. She can make up for all the "old man" looks Miles used to give when he was a baby!

Marlon and Suzana said...

Sweet new family pic! I love that she wore your blessing dress, she seriously looks like a little baby doll, it was my first thought when I saw the post!