Wednesday, March 3, 2010

lil boogers

This lil booger has an addition. I am not exaggerating when I say this boy loves candy....I know I know every lil child loves candy but he is OBSESSED! I'm actually thinking there is something wrong with him b/c if we counted how many times in the day he asks for "nany" aka "candy" you would be shocked. Here in this picture is an example of his obsession and actual talent to be able to sniff or find any candy ANYWHERE! I swear I seriously don't know how he finds half the candy he gets into...this morning he had chocolate and I still don't know where he found it. I think I throw it all way but theres always something stashed in my purse or the diaper bag.

Anything colorful, plastic, or the sound of plastic wrapper of any "nany"! He even calls his cereal in the morning "nany". His daily vitamins, "nany". I'm not even kidding most mornings when he wakes up and I go to get him from his crib he asks "nany?" He must dream "nany!"
Just so everyone is aware I don't deprive him of candy b/c I'm a nice mommy that gives him a treat every now and then. I think candy should come in moderation. Never deprive your child of the good things in it helps when there is no other alternate of calming a cranky almost two yr old. I don't give him as much candy as he asks for in a day. In fact he probably gets a couple "dum dum" suckers a week....but he thinks a lot of the daily sweet stuff that isn't candy as "nany."And this lil booger..loves to sleep esp on her tummy. Yes she sleeps on her tummy, only during nap time though. Don't you love a good squished face.


The Toland's said...

NANNNNNYYY! That boy IS obsessed (He is Terry Kelly’s grandchild). The other day Andy had a marshmallow and was lickin on it and then threw it on the floor because he was done...that soooo would not happen with Miles...same thing happened with a sucker...and later I found it in the carpet...again...sooo would not happen with Miles. HA! Miles inhales candy; I think he learns it from Zoe...every time she gets a treat she inhales it whole...Miles does the same thing. Miles does a lot of the same things as Zoe haha!

Lulu is getting so big...I can’t wait to see my babies tomorrow!

Marlon and Suzana said...

She's so sweet I just want to cover her with kisses! I can totally relate to the "nany" problem. It was the worst around the Holidays!

Aymee said...

She was adorable...but she is getting even more adorable! I love that sweet baby girl! She is so happy and precious.

Miles does have an addiction! That boy is going to rot his teeth out right under your nose:) What Steph said about Andy was funny because Adalei does the same thing...well almost, she actually tells me she's done and doesn't just throw the candy in the carpet for me to find later. We went to Trader Joe's yesterday and of course, she found Monkey Joe. So, she went and picked out her sucker and had about 10 good licks and then gave it to me. "Here, Mom, I done." Although she does have a thing for gum:)

The Toland's said...

Aymee, I think she has a thing for gum because she feels like a cool adult when she chews it.