Thursday, April 2, 2009

The 1 year old Smiles!

Smiles update, he went to the docs today and got poked 3 times, he was a real trooper. He weighs 18 lbs (3% in weight) and 29 in long (55% in height). I thought he aleast weighed 20 lbs but the doc didn't seem concerned about him b/c he has gained weight. He said it could be high metabolism or gentics. I looked at Rob's weight at 1 year and it's pretty much the same as just like daddy, lean and long!

What can Miles say?
Waves "Hi" and sometimes if he is in mood he says it
Waves "bye" and sometimes says it
Mamma (only when sad)
Shakes his head "no"
Points at everything and says "daddy" or "dad"...thats his favorite word and his favorite parent. I hardly can make Miles laugh but Rob walks into the room and Miles laughs and smiles instantly. All the pictures you see of Miles smiling really big are b/c Rob is behind me making him do that! Not fair!

What does Miles do?
Points (at everything)
Strums (lips, etc)
Does this weird thing where he puts his finger in his mouth and moves his elbow up and down while making noises...yeah daddy taught it to him.
Drums (aslong as he has sticks in his hands)
Brushes his hair
Pretend phone (holds phones or remotes to his ear)
Pretend drink (out of cups)
Turns pages in books
Dances (if it's got a good beat he bops, metallica he sways)
Stands up on his own and against something holding on
Pushes buttons (turns toys on & daddy's computer)
Makes car noises when he plays with his cars.
Shows me whatever he finds, esp before putting it in his mouth
Likes toilets
Claps (when someone claps on tv)
Sleeps curled up in a ball with bum in the air.
Likes back and tummy soft his mommy :)
Hugs (just his stuffed animals)
(I think that is everything)

What does Miles eat? Pretty much everything...he drinks whole milk now. He isn't picky so he tries everything we give him...even when daddy gives him sour or hot stuff. He has 8 teeth 4 on top 4 on bottom, so he can munch anything. His favorite thing to eat is shredded cheese. I think it's because he likes picking it up w/ his fingers. His favorite candy of course is red licorice.

We absolutly love this lil man and can't wait to see what else he does or learns. I really want to share some letters from his Grandpa and Grandma Martin for his Birthday. Thank you guys we love you, and thank you Grandma and Grandpa Kelly for everything!

Hi Miles,

On this very special day, your first birthday on this earth, we all want to wish you the happiest of days! We all wish we could be there to hug and kiss you, but you'll just have to wait for that joy! We love you very much and hope you enjoy your second year! We'll call you on the phone tonight.

Grandpa Martin, Grandma Martin, Uncle Chris, Aunt Katie, and Aunt Julia

To our darling Miles!

Your smiles, frowns, quizzical looks, chuckles, giggles, and crazy antics have brought us pure joy each day of your first year with us!! How grateful we are that Heavenly Father sent you to be a part of us for eternity. We love you dearly and can't wait to give you big hugs and kisses. Have a great birthday day and party!! We love you, sweet Miles!

Love Grammy Martin

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The Mama said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MILES! Hope your day was FULL O FUN! Which I am sure it was..