Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We're working on it!

Rob gave Smiles some red vines tonight's his favorite treat. I'm not sure how good it is for him, but hey we're laid back parents so sue us!
Since the last post we are really determined to work on some of the things we listed before he turns 1...AND tonight he fed himself and held his own bottle for the first time. We have been trying to get him to hold his own bottle for awhile now and I guess it just clicked for him tonight. Hopefully he continues to do it and it wasn't just a one night deal.

We are also working on his balance and standing on his own. He really loves to work on this and tries hard! In the videos you can see how happy he gets to stand on his own and he really tries! He isn't the best so far but we are getting there...gotta give it up to those lil chicken legs!

Just ignore my nagging in the back!


The Toland's said...

hey yeah I bought him that shirt!!! YAY for holding the bottle yourself babe! And I love the standing videos...he is totally showing off I love it!

barbmartin said...

What the heck are vines? I love his chatter as he eats. He's a big boy now! No more baby Miles.
Tell him grandpa and grandma Martin are proud of him!!

Staci said...

Red Vines...Licorice.

Lindsay said...

i couldn't even tell what those were at first...they looked like those peppers that come in chinese food. HAH! I love his little chattering... it's so freaking adorable! and i love his face in the first video... like he's so annoyed.

Marlon and Suzana said...

Love that little licorice face. He looks like an adorable version of the Joker :)