Sunday, March 1, 2009

11 Months~YAH!

Oh my goodness 1 more month! Last month was a good adventure. It was so much fun posting everyday and it was a lot fun thinking of creative ways of featuring Miles Smiles! Alright so we will get down to it, last month Miles started to do a lot of fun things. Our favorite is him saying "Bye Bye" and waving. Another sign he did the other day was "All done"...after every meal I always raise my hands and say "All done" and he did it...he raised his hands and said something ...which I'm assuming was him saying "All done" in baby language.
He is really getting around a lot more and getting into EVERYTHING! We had a good run with him staying put, but those days are defiantly over! He is so sneaky sister Aymee told me he looks sneaky in his pics and he is. He totally knows when he is doing something he isn't suppose to do too. The other day we were laying in bed like we do every morning and he has a biting problem and started biting my leg. So I said "No, don't bite" and he looked at me and then slowly lowered his open mouth to my leg w/ a smirk on his face. I was laughing and saying "No" and he would pop back up and shake his head "No" and I said "Yes that's right no"....but we continued this about 3 times b/c he kept trying to sneak a bite of mommy's leg. Oh and I won't forget him throwing my make up in the toilet either.
I wonder where he gets his biting thing from(refer to top left picture below)!
Smiles is a professional crawler and climber. This boy is not afraid of any height or place to go. The other day he was on my bed and started to crawl off and I grabbed him seconds before he fell and he just started to laugh. He thought it was pretty fun to almost fall off the bed and have mommy freak out! His standing is getting better..he will stand up against something and let go with out realizing it and then look up and smiles like "LOOK IM STANDING" then plop down on his lil bum.
I weighed him on my moms scale the other day and it said 20 lbs. So he is getting bigger and this last month he just looks older. His features are getting older and he is slowly losing his baby face. Since giving him his first hair cut he looks so much older. And I want him to stop growing up for a second!
Miles still has his funny quarks and continues to develop new ones. This video shows his new "sniffing" thing he does. We love this guy and in the next month before he turns 1 we are going to cherish it. We are going to work on a lot of things too before he does turn 1 as well. The main things are; drinking from a sippy cup (he has been struggling with this the last couple months), learning more signs and communication, and getting ready for more solid table foods. Thank you everyone for an awesome last month with your blog comments. Smiles loves you!


David said...

AAHHAHAHAA!!! man i actually felt like i was getting sucked into the next dimension! GO MILES GOOO, he could be a vacuum if your vacuum ever brakes down.

barbmartin said...

This was the funniest ever! I love your comments, Staci. I can't believe he's almost one and becoming his own person every day. We can't get enough of this precious young man!

Lindsay said...

Miles stop growing up!!! okay.. you can as long as you continue to rock my world with your cuteness.. my favorite one is the top left on the first set of pictures.. i love that look :) Also, I think it's awesome that we are obsessed with each others babies. hehe

The Toland's said...

oh my sniffing!!! And he is only doing it worse b/c Rob wont stop egging him on with his high pitched squealy laugh!

Alex said...

Hahaha! I couldn't stop laughing at where he gets his biting from. That pic of Rob biting his toes as Miles is trying to crawl away! Haha!