Tuesday, December 2, 2008

8 is our fav number!

8 Months old SMILES! It's been a good last month, lots of new fun developments. He has 6 1/2 teeth and he loves to show them off. It doesn't take much to get him to smile and laugh now. Miles loves cheerios or anything crunchy. He can snack all day long but still gets in 2 big baby food feedings a day. He is really out growing tons of his clothes....well he is officially out of 0-3 months and working on 6th month clothes.
Smiles' is sitting very well and is very content on playing with his toys. He is really into picking things up and throwing them, touching or grabbing at lil details on his toys esp string. I don't know what it is I just love lil baby fingers at work. He isn't into any certain toys just whatever is in reach at the time. I have noticed him going for a ball a lot..maybe he will be an athlete gosh I hope so.
He hasn't caught onto crawling yet....we will put him in position and he will just rock back and forth in place and not go anywhere. He can roll across the whole living room in 2 secs flat. I'm not pushing the whole mobile thing too much aslong as he is content with not going anywhere so am I. He still baby talks like crazy but the word that comes out the most is def. "DADDA" yeah I know they always say dadda first...it's not fair. He will repeat it over and over if you say it...its great.

We really have noticed how observant he is with everything. He will just watch you do something very closely and you just know he is thinking. It's wonderful I do hope he is learning it's just so hard to tell what is actually going through that lil brain. I still sign to him all the time so the day he signs back I will prob. freak out! We love him and are obsessed with this lil man. There is not enough kisses and hugs in the world that we could give him! Happy 8 months my sweets!


Marlon and Suzana said...

Happy 8 months Smiles! I can't believe he is barely out of 0-3 months clothes, he is like those cute little puppies you can put in your pocket! I love the videos, he is such a happy hilarious kid! See you guys in 10 DAYS!!

EBeauty03 said...

What an adorable little man you have. I love looking at pictures of him.

The Toland's said...

hahah Rob's voice in the back ground is cracking me up

Alex said...

I totally know what you mean about hoping he's into sports! I'm praying that my kids don't turn into complete nerds like Will and I :)!