Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Rob was Mr. Mom Fri-Monday. He took off a couple days of work and got to spend some good quality time with Miles. Sat night I went up north and spent the night with my sister so Rob had Miles by himself all night. He did such a good job I was very impressed. Although Sat night he woke Miles up at midnight to go pick up the new "Guitar Hero" and Daddy, Uncle Davie, and Miles played that till 3:00 in the morning. I say do what you want but if he is cranky you get to handle it. Miles really enjoyed his time with daddy. Thank you Rob for being the best Daddy and husband in the world. We love you!

Crotch shot....ok seriously I was given these pj's and they came with out buttons or a crotch. Miles doesn't seem to mind the breeze I guess.

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barbmartin said...

I know I am bias, but I loooove seeing pics or Miles with Rob. I really miss seeing my own child be a parent to his child. It is very precious to me. You are doing a wonderful job, Rob. I love you!