Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Laundry Day!

We decided Miles is going to be dirty laundry for Halloween! Okay just kidding. Today I sat him in my laundry basket while I did my make up. He thought it was pretty cool esp when I would stick objects through the holes, he laughed so hard. It might be a morning ritual from now on. Like cousin Addy and Aunt Aymee.


TannHart said...

How cute! Sometimes I use the bathtub as a play pin while I put my makeup on.

jamielynn said...

he is so cute i usually just let matt play in the bedae but yesterday he climbed in the shower and played so i think i might let him do that from now on.

Aymee said...

That's right. Adalei still does the laundry basket while I take a shower. She loves it...well as long as I don't take a 20 minute shower. She actually feel asleep in it the other day, it was the cutest thing! Because she doesn't "fall" asleep anywhere besides her car seat and her bed, so when she just is so exhausted and falls asleep like that it is so cute, and so rare. Little Miles looks so cute in his blue basket, what a little bug!