Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend Fun!

Aunt Stephy, cousins Coryann and Brent all came into town so Miles got to spend some fun time with all of them.
He tried out grandmas "bumbo" chair and loved it.. he just sat there and he looked so cute in it.
I love this face....I don't even know what he was thinking.

Miles says "YAH, I love the tye dye onesie Aunt Stephy made me"

Miles also got to go to his first birthday party of one of his friends....he looked so cute in that party hat I thought I would die!
Here he is with big cousin Brent. Miles looked so small when he held him.

Another video of Daddy picking on poor Miles. He was trying to sleep and of course Daddy had to bother him.


David said...

hahaha i thought miles was gonna jolt out at you rob with his fist when you did that to him! just glad you didnt throw flour dust at his face like from jacka$$ :)

The Toland's said...

I look like poo in those pic.s (but then again I felt like poo that weekend :p)And I agree he is a DOLLLL in that pic. with the party hat...he looks sad though...prob. b/c he cut himself on the lip that day :(

T said...

I love him so much! I especially love the tie-dyed onesie. I want one for Adalei...only with long sleeves:) He is so sweet. He is seriously going to be so handsome! Rob is such a pest to bother him while he is sleeping so nice....that's like when Travis bugs Adalei when she clearly is NOT in the mood. It's a Daddy thing I guess:)