Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Some Videos!

I hope he isn't teething early in that 2nd video!


T said...

What a fun boy! I hope for your sake he is not teething yet, but if he is, I also hope that it goes smoothly:) Good luck! You need to get him a necklace! And don't say no because he is a boy, it will look so cute, besides it needs to be under his clothes to be next to his skin, therefore you won't even see it most of the time!

Suzana said...

Oooh teething. Do you have those Munchkin teething mesh bags? They are little mesh bags with handles & you can put frozen or cold fruit in them & he can suck on it & feel better :)

Blessed<3 said...

dont you just love the bumbo seats! Sidney loves hers! Man its crazy to think that its possible they can teeth this early, but some of my nieces and nephews started at 4 months. Eli didnt get his first tooth til he was like 13 months..and hes still missing 4 and his molars..hahaa.