Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh Sweets!

Miles is just so precious when he sleeps!

He falls asleep with his bear every night.

The other day I was playing some "They Might Be Giants" podcast they do children videos now on the computer and he was totally getting into them. When the video stopped he would get all sad and whiny so then I would start it back up and he would just stare, smile, and laugh.
And yes he is always wearing just his diaper sorry.....he pukes a lot.


Jeff, Beth, and Garrett Olsen said...

Man he is glued to that!!! I've tried to show that to Garrett, but he wasn't interested. His favorite is baby einstein.

barbmartin said...

Isn't he the smartest baby ever? Just an observation from his eastern grandma! :)

The Toland's said...

what a bug he is too sweet! And I agree with Bard...he is the smartest baby!

Matt said...

this video is so funny! I love when he sneezes at the end and then slowly turns his head towards the camera. Today is August 1st ... so he's now four months old?!? Dang gina.