Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Things Miles Likes!

Today Miles and I were baby blog surfing and it's amazing all the awesome things mommies can find and share with other mommies! These are a few of Miles favorite things we came across.
Clothes: Even though it's way too hot to wear any of these items they would still look so cute on Miles.

Books: Of course "Star Wars" he is Rob's child lets not forget. They actually sell that book at Costco. The felt "quiet" book I want Aunt Stephy to make someday for Miles. I would love to make a real photo book of Miles when he turns 1 of his first yr. That one is really nice and probably really expensive but has good inspiration.

Bedding: Here are some great retro pattern crib bedding. Although I want to do his bedroom with robots and fun colors and patterns these are just for fun.

Cribs: Here are two of Miles' favorite cribs from "Babies-R-US" when he eventually gets his own room which we are hoping by next month.

Fun Stuff: Here are just some random stuff he likes. He loves that bedroom, all the white and clean lines. The dog night light is lots of fun too, but way expensive. Then there is storage, art and some party hats that he thinks are fun for when he has his first birthday!

Shoes: We found these on "etsy" and they are so sweet and creative!

Toys: Of course anything Robot and nerdy. He really loves vintage toys...the stuff mommy and daddy played with. He really likes homemade toys, like the hand puppets and guitars. Don't worry Aunt Stephy he still loves your dolls the most.

Wall Decals: We love wall decals, they are fun and if you end up not liking it you can just peel it off your wall. Plus trying to paint awesome designs like this would be impossible. We are for sure getting the "space invaders" for his room.


The Toland's said...

all this stuff is too cute! I really hate to blog surf because I see so many cute things and then I get jealous that I didnt think of those creative ideas first. And also my brain explodes with fun ideas to make for my babies and myself but I dont have the time or money to do :(

T said...

Those picture books are like $375...yeah and monkeys are gonna fly outta my butt. But it is a fun thing and gives you inspiration to want to do something that fun and creative:) All your finds are wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

Staci said...

yeah i figured they were expensive..fancy. I can make one w/ heritage books for a reasonable price though.

Caty said...

I LOVE the wall decals. And I feel the same as Steph. It's like surfing the blogs is painful, because instead of "inspiring" me, they mostly just make me jealous. Hehe ;)

Tara and family said...

Ok, I NEED to know where you found the images of robots and the retro prints. I'm going to try out a new jewelry concept, and I need cool papers and prints to put between glass or to mod-podge. I love all the stuff you found, it so rocks!!! Did you get my (long) messages about the wrap fabric? How cool would that be if Moby made some lighter material wraps because of us and sent us some samples? (I might be getting ahead of myself, but I'm hoping they like the fabric and they send me two wraps so I can share it with you!) Lets hope! Freebies are the best!