Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cutest Babies in the WORLD!

Yesterday Miles' Aunt Aymee and cousin Adalei came into town. They will be here for the whole month of June and we are so excited to have them here! It's so nice to have the cousins close to one another. Today they all spent the day together Miles (2 months), Lochlan (6 months), and Adalei (9 months). It was mostly Lochlan and Adalei playing b/c Miles doesn't do much. I obviously couldn't stop taking pics. They are all so cute!

This was them basically most of the way home. It was so cute sitting in the back seat with them...they just stared at me.

Lochlan sucks on his thumb or his middle finger right now and I had to get a pic. of him sucking his middle looks so bad. He is so darn cute.

Addy loves lil baby Miles. She is learning to be soft with him. She wanted to stick her lil chubby finger in his binki hole.

Addy got to hold the baby. She went in for a baby Miles kiss and instead got her nose eaten.

Addy loves Zoey. Every time Zoe walks by Addy grabs her and so we are trying to teach her to be soft. It's the cutest thing when Zoe comes up and licks her..she loves it


The Toland's said...

Ok I want to make a comment about every pic.!!!
1. How cute are they staring at you...I am sorry but Lil' Lei's face is to die for in that photo!
2. These pic.s of Lil' and Lochy are too cute, they will look back at these pic.s and love them!
3. This is prob. my fav. photo EVER, with my two fav. things, Lil' Lei and Zoe!
4,5,6. Once again love love these pricless photos of my babies!
7. I love how Addie is staring at Loch, trying to figure him out!
8. haha that is freaking awesome.."Screw you all", he says!
9. This is my fav...she is trying to help be a mommy.
10. What is it!
11. ahhhhh so cute!
The videos...hahah I love it..I cant wait to see her play with Zoe-Ma-Zoos!!

Bill and Tara said...

OH my Gosh Staci!!! Those are the CUTEST babies!!! Look at all of them together! If I was insane, this would make me want to have triplets...oh wait, I am insane, and I might consider triplets because of your pictures. :)

The Rawlins Fam said...

WOW! Triple the fun at your house! Total Cuteness!!!! Loved the videos and all the pics!