Saturday, August 17, 2013

I did something

Lucy had a friend's birthday and she loves Rainbow dash the my little pony so I made this hat...I sorta made it up as I went so next time if I ever make one again I'll probably do something different, but all in all the lil girls loved it. 
Then I have a friend that had a birthday and she is my best friend! Her and her husband love adventure time and they are the real life Princess Bubblegum and in other words one of the coolest couples ever!
It's a Happy Dappy Birthday Month!


Stephanie Kelly said...

Oh i love it!!! I have a friend who is obsessed the new my lil' pony's (and shes 26 ha). She would lovee that hat. And Alex & Will are soooo Fin and PB ha. I love them. Good work sis.

Stephanie Kelly said...

now post some more of my babies.

Barbara said...

Wonderful gift ideas!! You are so clever and always come up with something that matches the person perfectly. Still enjoying my temple bag each month. You're amazing!

Megan Marie said...