Thursday, March 29, 2012


It's someones Birthday coming up on April 1st. of course it has to be a Batman birthday party, but he also wanted a Thor birthday so he is getting a Batman Thor party and he is so excited!
This is his Birthday invite from last might be a tradition to have a batman party every year....I don't see him growing out of it anytime soon. 


thekimbo said...

At least you are prepared every year and don't have to start from scratch!! Can't believe these little boys are 4!

Mark said...

Thanks for waiting until Grandma and I get out there to have the party. We're really excited and looking forward to celebrating Miles' 4th birthday with all of you! YAHOO!
Grandpa and Grandma Martin

Mica said...

Happy Birthday Miles! Wish we could be there!
Aunt Mica and Uncle Matt