Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sneak Peak

Here is a lil sneak peak at some of my favorite 2011 Martin Family Photos. Taken by my lovely friend Alecia with Alecia Dawn Photography. This girl is so unbelievably talented! To me finding your photographer is like finding your soul mate and Alecia is my photography soul mate. She gets my vision, even if they seem over the top sometimes and she executes it perfectly.
It was very cold for us wussy sunny St.Georgians, but totally worth it. Even though Miles is making a butt face in half the pictures I still love the candid shots the best.
Stay tuned for the rest later!!


Brittney Taylor said...

Ok seriously could your family be any cuter...I LOVE the photos and I LOVE your little family...they always put a smile on my face when ever I see your pictures or if I secretly see you guys out and about (I saw you and your little princess at Costco the other day but I was in line and didn't come over and say Hi-sorry) but I did see you looking at books with her and she is so stinking adorable and your belly is so cute...LOVE the Pictures...GREAT WORK :)

Emily said...

ooooh can't wait to see more! Every photo session you do looks simply beautiful!! Loved the mistletoe!

barbmartin said...

Absolutely awesome!!!

Chris said...

hahaha, it was funny to look back and see miles' butt faces