Sunday, June 19, 2011


We had such an amazing week with family and to top it off spent fathers day with them too. Here is what Miles, Lucy and myself had made for grandpa Martin and daddy.

Miles drew a picture of Daddy and Grandpa and then I helped Lucy draw a picture of a heart then I embroidered it onto a hankie. They both use hankies everyday so I thought this would be perfect. I got the idea from Pigeon Pear.
This is daddy....Miles was so excited when he scribbled his own little heart. He said "mommy look, look I drew a heart!"
This is Grandpa Martin


Caty said...

Tooooo freakin' cute!

Mark said...

I love my Father's Day hankie and box from Staci, Miles, and Lucy. I can't wait to carry the hankie in my hip pocket! Thanks again.

Grandpa Martin

barbmartin said...

I so loved this idea! And, using my teacher eye, I must say that Miles is right where he should be with drawing a human figure. Many of my K students couldn't do that well. He is amazing! As are all of you! We had such a great week and a wonderful Father's day celebration.

Aymee said...

So cute! What a perfect gift for those two Martin men. I think it's so cute that they still use hankies. So old fashioned, it's beautiful. I love the drawings, so stinkin cute! And I especially love the ribbon and how you tied it on the box....well done pig, well done! Love you!!!!

Alecia said...

holy cow staci! i love these! love love love love love love. you are brilliant. and those mustard ties? i'm dying.