Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Random pics today

Waiting to play with cousin Lochy(Lochlan), Elimy(Emily), and RJ(Rhett)
Getting wet, sun burned, and sticky from popcycles. Miles picked out his new like it? He calls it his cowboy hat.

Miles loves motorcycle and had to get a pic on this one. Nothing more bada$$ then sitting on a motorcycle wearing a diaper. (To Aunt Aymee (potty nazi), we didn't bring extra underwear and he got his all wet so thats why he is in the diaper)


Matt said...

Miles' face while riding the 'hog' is priceless. And nice choice of a hat too!

Aymee said...

I'm so glad you clarified that for me, because I was instantly wondering why he had a diaper on:) So cute! I love these babes!

Mica said...

Lu's hand gesture in the first picture is simply perfect!