Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers day!

Trying to get a photo before's the best we could do.

Miles got into that kiss from momma there in the end.
This is what my lil sunbeams did for their momma's! They stamped their lil finger prints in the heart.


Momma's Hart said...

The second pic has got to be one of the sweetest pictures ever. And the gifts the sunbeams made are a true treasure!

You are such a great mother!!!

barbmartin said...

What a sweet, sweet idea for your little Sunbeams!! Their mothers swill love it.

Alecia said...

um please come by jax's sunbeam teacher! i LOVE that. you are a genius.

Lindsay said...

man miles is full on gettin' IN there with that kiss. hahaha and as expected... you made church crafts cool.