Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I have literally been obsessed with Pinterest it's an awesome website you go to catalog your favorite things from diff. websites. My bookmarks start to get crazy with things I like from blogs, etsy, websites etc...then I discovered Pinterest. I have literally cataloged over 300 things and it's been so nice to just go on there and look for the stuff that I want to make or recipes! You can also follow other peoples pins and repin their pins...it's a great time waster thats for sure.
(click on the Pinterest link it should go to my boards if not type "stacim" up in the search and you'll find all my pins, if you wanted to be invited I'll send you and invite let me know)

Here is one of my Pins..I can't remember where I originally got this sweet lil owl laptop case..somewhere on etsy. It inspired me to make my own version.


Aymee said...

way cute! love it.

Alex said...

Staci I love this! You and your sewing machine create the funnest things.