Friday, January 7, 2011

Lucy is 1!!!!!!!

I know I say this a lot, but for real I can't believe my baby is 1! It's a bitter sweet day...seeing my baby become an actual age, but sad to see her grow at the same time. I have literally enjoyed every second of this lil girls life so far. From the moment she was born she has brought us pure joy.
When you cry I get excited to comfort you, your smile is contagious, your laugh is the best sound in the world, your nose, ears, chin, cheeks, teeth, eyes, fingers, and every inch of you is pure sweetness. When we go to kiss your cheeks we try not to suck them off. Your smell....Miles never had a smell, but you smell so sweet it's hard to describe, we call it Lu's smell b/c it's one of a kind. You are one of a kind!
I would always say she is the perfect baby and she truly is. So now that she isn't much of a baby anymore I hope that doesn't change, I can't imagine it to change. No matter what this girl does she is sucked into our hearts and souls forever.
We have really enjoyed all the wonderful adventures in growing with Lucy as well. With her we were more laid back and let her develop on her own time. She surprises us with her fast learning as her abilities develop. She is so bright, when you show her something she picks up on it right away. She loves to read books, get tickles(soft tickles)(like mommy), she loves all food and lots of it, playing with Miles, getting into whatever she knows she isn't suppose to, playing in water, sunlight, she smiles on command and is happy with everyone she meets. She has been walking here and there and every day she grows more courage. She says dadda, momma, baby, bye bye, Miles, and whatever else she tries to say that we can't understand. At her last dr. apt she was measured above average and a lil below average on weight so tall and skinny (although i see a chunk compare to miles).
Well there you have it our lil Lu bug is 1 now and I can't imagine how fast the rest of her life will be from here on out. I can't wait to see her woke up face, smell her Lucy smell and kiss her soft sweet cheeks in the morning!


Mark said...

A beautiful tribute to your daughter and our granddaughter! Love, Grandpa Martin

Julia said...

I love that little nugget!! She is the sweetest thing ever. Happy birthday Lu!

Cari said...

Happy birthday little Lucy! She really is such a sweet girl; once you meet her you love her!

barbmartin said...

Happy Birthday sweet Lucy! We love you and are so grateful to have you in our family for eternity!!

Laura said...

ahh love you lu! Happy Birthday best niece ever!!!

Aymee said...

My sweet bug! Happy Happy Day to you beautiful LuLu! We love you and miss you!