Monday, December 6, 2010

Alright you are all required to listen to Roger Whittaker Christmas music while looking at this blog post. The tree is up in all it's childhood vintage glory.
I'm not sure if I told you all last yr but most of my tree consist of ornaments from my mom, grandmother, great grandmother etc. I love looking at my tree and having it remind me of the tree I had growing up, until I get tired of that it wont change.

My sweet grandma has been collecting all year for me at her daily thrifting all my wooden ornaments I love to collect. She totally hooked me up with a whole bag full this year.'s only been a couple yrs in the making, but my mom finished "the" advent calendar. An almost exact replica of the one we grew up with, including my vintage wooden tiny tiny ornaments. Miles has really enjoyed pinning them on the tree everyday so far.

I was worried with Lucy and the tree this year, but Miles has been the one to worry about, he can't stop playing with the ornaments. I guess now I know what my mom would have to deal with when us kids during Christmas.
TA-DA, we did it..we did most of our whole house with lights this year. I love how untraditional our lights are outside, but how traditional the inside of our house is with Christmas Decorations! You can't tell very well but the bushes are striped white and pink lights and those are bright pink balls in the bushes(sorry that sounded bad)
YAY for Christmas, we are looking forward to a very sweet festive Holiday this year!


Aymee said...

I LOVE IT!! Your tree looks fabulous and I am loving that little choir of wooden angels. I might come and steal it in the night. Your house looks fabulous! Well done, Rob. I love the big balls in the bushes:)

Caty said...

LOVE those vintage wooden ornaments. They really take me back to my childhood, too! Now I think I will go flea market/antique mall shopping to find some.

Di said...

I love Roger Whittaker. I grew up with that cd. Love the advent. The house looks great.

Lindsay said...

oh i'm so jealous!!! i want those ornaments!! the bring back sweet memories... we had those too.