Friday, September 3, 2010

getting something done!

Lil LuLu is my girl I love her dearly, but she messed up my body! After Miles, things whet somewhat back to normal, but second time around it's coming off a lot slower. I'm not use to working out and dieting so this is all new for me and HARD! So in the last couple months I have joined a group of lovely ladies twice a week to do some hardcore work outs! Yes I know you're falling out of your chair...Staci is working out!

Martha the Marvelous! She is our motivating, inspiring trainer. She knows exactly what our bodies need and working our problem areas. It helps that she is pushy too, thats what I need to keep me going.
We do some great stuff....a lot of legs, arms and abs. It's all very fast paced cardio, not a whole lot of running which I hate running so I love all the stuff that we do.
So the exercising thing has become quite addicting..makes me wanna do more through out the whole week, but the dieting ahhhh it's so fact it's so hard that I haven't even really done any dieting. Martha brings up good points that all my exercising is worthless if I don't change what I eat. I don't think I eat junk, I make pretty healthy meals every night. We never eat out, but I do have an occasional sweet here and there. I'm going to go into the diet thing slowly, one thing at a time. For now I'm trying to work on my metabolism so healthy snack more through out the day...drink more water, and smaller my portions at meal time oh and sweets only on the weekends hahah can't give them up completely. Wish me luck.


Matt said...

You GO girl!!

Alecia said...

awesome! i love this! we can do it staci!!!! i've got a lot further to go than you do, you skinny little thing! you rock so hard at these workouts, good job. i'm glad you invited me, i like going too :) even if i do just whine the whole time, i feel better the whole rest of the night!