Tuesday, June 22, 2010



The Toland's said...

YAY!!!!! That first video is so funny... what a lil' stink!
-I love his collection!!! I'm happy to see he found his batman and Joker!
-When he says Chewbacca & Wolverine it’s my fav. :)

Julia said...

I would've knocked them over too. What a little baby. Just kidding, I love you Miles! And I love it when he says Wolverine too. It's the best. :D

Aymee said...

I love it when he says Chewbacca too, and Wolverine. And how he calls Santa, "Ho, ho, ho." That's the best. Although you are missing more than just two-face. You are missing the Easter bunny, snap!

I love these videos and can't wait to show them to Adalei tomorrow(she's in bed at the moment)!

Matt said...

Man, I'm so jealous of his collection. It's hard to beat! I love how he says Chewbacca! So funny. What a cute little guy!

CoreyAnn said...

Hahaha! This is hilarious! How cute!