Tuesday, May 4, 2010

today in the sun

Miles does not like water....unless it's still and in a puddle.
He thought he was so cool today...he was going up to all the other kids on the play ground pointing at his shirt saying "batman" ....they just stared at him.. probably thinking "if you're batman and so tough why are you afraid to go down the slide." I love that Miles pretends to be tough and cool but we all know he is a lil pansy.


The Toland's said...

Miles is a pansy...but thats what I love about him!

My lil' Lulu is getttting some chub I LOVE IT!

Julia said...

Hey, I'm 16 and I'm still afraid to go up to people I don't know! lol
You go Miles! ;)

David said...

Haha So cute! Miles is just looking for his side kick Robin, thats all!