Monday, May 24, 2010

potty training progress

Day 4 and we are making progress. I started out with just letting him run around diaperless and he peed on the towels laid out twice, but no toilet yet. Then when we went out on errands he just peed in his diaper. Well yesterday finally he peed on the toilet....I praised him and he was so excited. He kept pushing for more pee to come out. He got his "CANDY" and now he has been asking to go potty and he is actually going. He knows he will get "CANDY" if he goes. He really enjoys sitting on the potty, flushing and peeing. I'm really excited how smooth it's going so far. Now trying to get him to not pee at night :S.


The Toland's said...

I knew if you gave him candy... that kid will do anything. Ha

Cari said...

So glad it is going well!

Matt said...

Great idea Staci. I'll have to get Mica to give me candy for using the bathroom.