Tuesday, May 25, 2010


We are just so excited to have our cousins Adalei and Piper in town to visit. Miles and Addy love each other, they play so well mainly because Miles doesn't mind being bossed around and is pretty easy going. So when Adalei takes his toys he doesn't really care and she loves that.

Addy found this old headset in my parents office...she thought she was pretty cool with it on. She kept gibber gabbin into the mic.

Aunt Aymee wasn't too happy when Grandpa let the kids watch t.v and eat dinner. Addy LOVED it!!! Since she is a sheltered child that isn't allowed much tv....when the tv was on she was glued to it.


barbmartin said...

I LOVE this pics of the cousins. How wonderful that Miles and Addie can be together. They are so sweet! The pics of Piper and Lucy are precious. I am so glad that they are close in age.

Rob said...

I love the headset Addy has on. She should wear it all the time in public so people will think, she must be 'special'.