Tuesday, January 5, 2010

ohhhhh yayyyy!

Every Holiday season my parents make their famous AWESOME fudge and guess who got to lick the spoon this year!?! What a privilege! I believe this was Miles happiest moment of his life!
Oh and in case you are all wondering...yeah NO BABY YET! It is now Jan 6th and I have been dialated over a 3 for the last almost 3 weeks. Today I went to the doc and I'm only at a 4 1/2 but I'm 100% effaced and I had my membranes swiped so lets see if anything happens SOOOON! I'm getting really impatient here Lucy! Come on the World wants to meet you!


The Toland's said...

mmmm looks like poo! My baby Smiles looks cute even with poo on his face!

Marlon and Suzana said...

Wow that's a HUGE spoon!