Saturday, July 25, 2009

new discovery!

Well I had a good run, he hasn't been interested in getting into the kitchen cupboards until the other day. He has only done this one time, but I have no doubt it will happen again. Oh well he had fun! With out even asking he stacked them by size and neatly put them away..I was really amazed!


Cari said...

What a good boy putting all of them away so neatly! We have locked all of the kitchen cupboards except one, the one with the pots and pans. Sophie stills loves getting these out but since they aren't breakable I just let her have at them.

TannHart said...

He put them away! How awesome. Yes, I'm sure it will happen again. Once Wes discovered our pots and pans in Puerto Rico it was his favorite thing to do everyday while I made dinner :) He sure is a cutie.

Marlon and Suzana said...

Kitchen things make the best toys! Donny takes out my bowls and pots & pans everyday & I'm sure Miles will do the same!