Thursday, April 9, 2009

Birthday Toys!

I got Miles this cool tent...every once in awhile I will hear him somewhere but cant find him and then i look in his tent and he is playing. He also loves that ugly bear too. Every time he finds it he just squeezes it!
Thank you Morris' and Tammy for his fun puppy! He really loves it..every time he sees it he either kisses it or hugs it!
Thank you Grandma Kelly for the "Ball Popper"...even though we don't have batteries he still loves putting the balls in the hole. He will do this for hrs!


The Lowe Family said...

i'm almost positive that egly bear is a

Staci said...

haah no the ugly bear he is holding in the tent..thats a bear, and yest that is a dog that he is kissing in the second pics. Silly girl!

Lindsay said...

tell miles if he's gonna eat puppies he needs to move to a 3rd world country... i think that is the only place it's acceptable...:) oh button boy.. i love you.

Kate said...

staci! how are you my dear? miles is SO big and SOOO darling! those eyes are too die for! i don't have your email but saw your blog link on steph's... so I HAD to say hello! guess what?! im getting married in june! my email is and i need your address please! hope all is well!

Alex said...

Hey! My nephew has one of those ball poppers and I played with it for hours! I love that toy!