Sunday, March 22, 2009

Video Fun!

Miles obviously learned this from cousin Lochlan! We haven't taught him to make noises like this when he plays with his cars..he just started doing it one day!

He really hasn't sucked on a binki in almost 2 months!

Standing on his own...that's about it!

We love these kisses...he loves giving them! I was sad I didn't get it on video but right before this video he was making the fishy lips to kiss me. Then he went back to his open mouth kisses as you see in the video. (excuse my crustiness, we just got up from a nap)


The Toland's said...

cute videos he grows more and more each week! Ok also to let you know...your "10" days till he is a big boy post was posted on the March 2 date!!! You might want to fix that...and re-post it on the March 22 date!! does that make any sense??

Lindsay said...

i wish i looked that cute crusty. both of you look very attractive inDEED. nice spawn, stac.