Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wild Wednesday~Smiles faces

For being the cutest boy ever he sure can make some ugly faces! Oh and FYI these are pre hair cut pics thats why his hair is out of control.
This is just a fun lil video I forgot to post awhile ago.


The Toland's said...

hahah i love that video but its soooo scary...I was just waiting to see him smack his head on the door frame...not that I wanted that, b/c I love my baby and would never want anything horrible like that to happen to his sweet lil' head! And keep the faces coming Smiles!

David said...

man i love this video!

Nicole said...

Hey Stac :) It's Nicole - I LOVE your blog!! I cant believe how big your little boy is getting - so fast! He is so cute!! I'm glad I found your blog :)