Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spiritual Sunday~

Rob and I had to give talk's in church today. So I have been spiritually mentally preparing myself all week. My talk was about the Holy Ghost and prayer. It has really made me think a lot about my relationship with my Heavenly Father and as a parent myself.

While researching my talk I found a really sweet scripture in Moroni 8:26. The Lord promises us that "because of meekness and lowliness of heart cometh the visitation of the Holy Ghost, which Comforter filleth with HOPE and perfect LOVE, which love endureth by diligence unto prayer"

I'm not one to get all mushy spiritual, but I just want Heavenly Father to know how grateful I am for my wonderful Husband and my AMAZING lil SMILES! I would do anything for my Smiles and now I know exactly how our Father in Heaven feels for us! It's pure unconditional love!


Chris said...

Yeah, that's an awesome scripture; I love the book of Moroni. Hope the talks went well! And I can't wait to see you guys in April:] I can't believe you're coming down!

Beth Olsen said...

What a beautiful picture! I love those scanned hands. I wish we could've listened to you guys speak! It seems like everytime I'm asked to speak, I learn a ton!