Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year & Month 9

Happy New Year from Smiles! Miles has entered into a new year which makes him that much closer to 1 and seems to be growing too fast. This past month has been the fastest obviously b/c of the Holidays, but he has had some really fun developments. He still has the same amount of teeth but the last couple weeks have been teething badly. He hasn't been too rough but you can tell whats happening. He is so close to crawling it could happen any sec. now. He does seem to get his way around w/ out crawling though. Mostly scoots in circles and slowly gets where he wants to. His hair is getting longer and harder to fix. It's so straight and fine that it really does nothing. He actually fits into 6 months close now and it's been so much fun dressing him. He is looking more and more like a boy instead of a baby.
He has tried new foods like gold fish crackers, gram crackers, and real peas. He is very good at feeding himself and I think is starting too early to not let me feed him. He shakes his head "NO" now when he doesn't want something. Grandma got him "signing time" so we have started him on that and he really loves it. He will dance a lot now mostly bopping but he loves the "signing time" songs. He has some new faces and the lastest one of our favs. is what we call the chucky smile. In the tub pics you will see in the last photo is his chucky smile.

Smiles is so loved and is a lucky baby to have such obsessive loving parents and family. Miles had a good month visiting family and 1st Christmas! Miles new year resolution is to take longer naps, crawl, give more kisses and cuddles to mommy and say mommy first before daddy!

Spitting on daddy and Laughing!


The Toland's said...

I love him and cant wait to see him 2 days!!!

Marlon and Suzana said...

Happy 9 months Smiles! You just keep getting cuter & cuter! I love the video where he's attacking daddy, before you know it he'll be chasin him around the house!