Saturday, January 24, 2009

Airport Boredom!

This is Miles waiting at the DEN airport! We had quite the adventure. Once we met up with Aunt Steph and Uncle Eric....guess who got to carry everything!

FYI: I hope everyone knows by now when I do these collages you just click on the photo to enlarge!

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Marlon and Suzana said...

So yesterday I was checking out your blog & loving all the new pics of Miles....I guess that's why I had this weird dream about him last night: Marlon & I were at an airport & they had this cage with about 10 identical Miles' crawling all over the floor. I went in & picked up an adorable little munchkin & was so happy that now I would have my very own little Miles to take home! Weird huh? Guess that means I wish he were here so I could give him a big squeeze! Give him a big hug & kiss for me I love those pics of him entertaining himself on the airport floor & chewing on the luggage tags :)