Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Finger Painting!

Tonight we went over to play with Miles' friend KJ. We had them finger paint with yogurt and koolaid. It was really really sour but Miles still ate some. He made such a mess but really liked it and made a beautiful painting!


Nate & Darli said...

that's so fun! great idea! miles is the cutes kid i have seen!!no kidding!

Madeline & Peter said...

Hey Staci. Thanks so much for your comments on my blog... I am guessing you are a photographer as well! I love all these pictures of Miles he really is such a cute and photogenic baby! We really liked playing with him over your shoulder last week in church.

Can't wait to see more!

Ps. I really love the name Miles for a little boy but Peter gave a no no, good thing we are having a girl!

The Ulrich's said...

I will have to try the puffs. My friend Kelly gives those to Gavin, but I wasn't sure when you could start giving them to kids!!

I can't wait till Kaden is at this stage...I love the colored yogurt idea!! How creative!! :) He is so cute!

Aymee said...

What a cute boy! I am so excited to see that little joy! Adalei is going to have so much fun!! I love the yogurt idea, one of these days Adalei and I will have to give it a go. She would want to use a paint brush though:)